Frustrated, Tired And Angry!

Angry?! It’s my right!

My words fall on your deaf ears

Still, I keep talking…

This may not be the angriest song but I couldn’t help think of it. Sometimes we try to get our message across but our words don’t quite come out right. Sometimes, for various reasons we’re not given the chance to fully express ourselves and that leads to frustration and eventually anger. Anger isn’t the most pleasant emotion out there but it resides inside each and every one of us…and probably necessary at times, to hopefully help sort out our differences through words. We should NEVER stop trying to communicate. Without it, there can be no understanding, and without understanding there’s no compassion. Without compassion there’s no respect, and without respect?…


Author: muziquepryzm

Welcome to the Muzique Pryzm! My personal virtual den where I'll share anything music related, from favorite songs/videos and artists of many different genres and all walks of life, to instruments... even an interview from time to time. By no means am I an expert on the subject, but I've loved music ever since I can remember hearing it for the first time, and believe it is one of life's essentials...well, at least for me it is! So get comfortable with your favorite coffee, tea, beer...whatever, and feel free to add your two cents...perhaps we could help each other discover something new!

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