A Dream’s But A Drop of Fuel…

This morning I woke up wondering what today’s Daily Word Prompt would be and for some reason I thought of two words that I hoped to find. One escapes me now but, the other was, believe it or not, Dream…well, dreams to be precise. In any case, I was happy to see it!

Have you ever had a disturbing dream that actually comes true in some way? Well, I’ve had a few throughout my life so far. I used to think dreams like that were called premonitions…like what Faye Dunaway experienced in the movie Eyes of Laura Mars(remember that one?) but apparently those are visions that happen while you’re awake. What I’ve experienced are called Precognitive Dreams, where you dream about something that will happen in the future. It’s said we all have psychic abilities to some degree, and if I didn’t believe that before, after having those dreams, I can’t 100% say I doubt it’s true.

My First Precognition

In my dream, I was biking down this steep hilly road with a friend of mine when we noticed this small red car following us. Couldn’t see who was driving but we sensed whoever it was wanted to kidnap us. In a panic we started to ride faster and faster to try to lose the car . Eventually we made it to my home where we told my parents what happened, and they called the police. I woke up thinking “what the hell?!” and a bit shaken, but shrugged it off and didn’t think about it again…until I was walking to the metro (about a ten minute walk) after my work shift ended that same day. At some point I realized this white car with 4 or 5 guys in it driving along side of me. The dude in the passenger seat asked me if they could give me a lift. I told him I wasn’t going their way and continued walking. Although I already sensed they were up to no good, the way he looked at me when he replied the second time made me certain. With a steely intense look and a firm low voice he answered, “Well, I think you are”. I turned around and walked back to my workplace and thankfully some of my coworkers were still there. I told them what happened and one of them was nice enough to give me a ride, so all ended well there.

The Second Precognition

I dreamt my mom, along with two of my aunts and myself, were in what looked like a sitting room, and though it didn’t resemble my grandparents’, I was sure it was theirs. We were talking and laughing and having fun when my mom suddenly left the room. She came back a little while later looking like she was in a daze, like she’d seen a ghost. One of my aunts asked, “What’s wrong?”. I woke up shortly after, feeling very sad. Later on in the morning, I got a call from my mom telling me that my grandfather passed away the night before. That one didn’t end well. There are a few others I’ve had but they weren’t directly associated to me or any loved ones. Though my dreams didn’t mirror the events in real life to a T, I believe these are precognitive dreams. Never experienced them before? Still not convinced they happen? Read the Jones family’s heartbreaking story of events in Aberfan, Wales October 21st 1966, as well as some other dreams that warned about September 11The Titanic, and more. Even Rick Savage, Def Leppard’s bassist had a dream the night before drummer Rick Allen lost his arm in a car accident on New Years Eve, 1984. Savage dreamt of a large ferocious dog clamping his jaws down on his left arm. He talks about it in their book, Def Leppard: Animal Instinct on page 8(yes, I have it!).


There are good dreams, there are bad dreams. Some make us laugh, and a lot of them don’t make any sense at all…or do they? Anyway, I wish whoever reads this the best of dreams. As the singer(Tony Kakko) in the song posted below sings: “Believe the dreams that let you sleep. The broken glass you need to sweep.” https://youtu.be/Ehy58TaW6EE

Oh, and…still wondering who I interviewed, and from which band? If you read my First Blog Post you’ll know what I’m talking about. 😉 Stay tuned!




Author: muziquepryzm

Welcome to the Muzique Pryzm! My personal virtual den where I'll share anything music related, from favorite songs/videos and artists of many different genres and all walks of life, to instruments... even an interview from time to time. By no means am I an expert on the subject, but I've loved music ever since I can remember hearing it for the first time, and believe it is one of life's essentials...well, at least for me it is! So get comfortable with your favorite coffee, tea, beer...whatever, and feel free to add your two cents...perhaps we could help each other discover something new!

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