Sing, Songbird…But First, Drink This

Birds do it. Bees do it. Even frogs and dogs do it(hmmm, sounds kinda familiar)…I am talking about singing, of course! What else? 😉  In fact most creatures of the earth sing, whether it’s to attract a mate, identify a mate or offspring, use as warnings , as well as for other purposes. We Sing to express ourselves too. All of us have a song in our hearts at sometime or other. Having said that, it’s not always a happy one. Some are sad and melancholy, and some are filled with encouragement, like this one from the Bee Gees. I don’t care what anyone else says. They are, as a collective, one of the best songwriters of all time! I listen to it sometimes when I need a pick-me- up:

Any Professional Singers Out There?

Many years ago, I heard about this special tea(Throat Coat) when I tried my hand at singing(…aaaaand yes, I did keep my day job, haha!) that apparently helps when you’re having throat issues. If you’re a professional singer you probably know about it. If you aren’t yet and just starting out, you might want to look into the many remedies to help keep your throat and voice in good shape. Here is a site where you’ll find Throat coat and other products, as well as some other useful information. Maybe I’ll share my brief stint in singing in a future blog post…or maybe not. I’ll think about it!;-)

Some Inanimate Objects Sing too!

Take for instance a tea kettle. It sings to us when the water is boiled and ready for brewing tea, and that tune could put a “song in your heart”, or it can be plain annoying depending on the occasion. Sometimes I love hearing the kettle sing because it reminds me that I’m in a safe and comforting place. It’s also music to my ears when I’m sharing jokes, and stories over a cup with loved ones.

Now, as I write this, another song has entered my heart. It’s from one of my favorite artists, Stevie Wonder. His voice is filled with so much emotion, you can really feel the message wants to convey. Not only is he a great singer and musician but, I’ve always believed he’s a lyrical genius. This one is from my favorite album of his, “Songs In The Key of Life” May we always have a song in our hearts that will help us in some way. I’m curious. Which song is in your heart right now?

Daily Prompt – Sing





Author: muziquepryzm

Welcome to the Muzique Pryzm! My personal virtual den where I'll share anything music related, from favorite songs/videos and artists of many different genres and all walks of life, to instruments... even an interview from time to time. By no means am I an expert on the subject, but I've loved music ever since I can remember hearing it for the first time, and believe it is one of life's essentials...well, at least for me it is! So get comfortable with your favorite coffee, tea, beer...whatever, and feel free to add your two cents...perhaps we could help each other discover something new!

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